Iconic Pet - Small Retractable Dog Leash with Side Cover Plates - Pink


Brand: Iconic Pet

Product Description

*Show your love for dogs, when you buy this retractable leash, you are giving to the needs of local rescue dogs.
The retractable dog leash is made of TPE and ABS, which is eco-friendly and it has nickel snap hook and nylon leash.

Instructions to Use: • Hold the retractable leash by the handle, not by the leash cord. • To lock, press down and hold the button until it clicks. The leash will stay locked as long as the button is pressed. • To unlock, press and release the button with your thumb, so that the leash can run in and out freely without sagging.

Our reviews of retractable leashes.

Warning: • Never grab the leash cord with your hand or fingers, as it may harm you. • When the dog is attached to the retractable leash, do not grab your dog unnecessarily; it may hurt you and your dog. • Visual inspection of leash, cord and metal ring is necessary before each use. • Do not open the casing, the spring inside may hurt you. • Pay attention to the rapid retraction of the metal buckle. • Keep out of reach of children. • This product is intended for securing your pet during walks. Do not use this item as a stationary tie-out. • A longer leash gives the dog greater freedom, so keep under supervision. • If the lead become wet, pull it out from the casing as far as it can and leave it to dry. • The length and strength of the leash specified is approximate.

Tape length : 9 ft. (3 Meters) Strength : 44lbs (20 Kgs)

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